Write a Plugin

A plugin is a child directive of main gantt directive transcluded in Template.

  1. Copy skeleton file from docs/skeletons/plugin.js to src/plugins

  2. Rename the skeleton copy using the plugin name (dash-delimited notation, plugin-name.js)

  3. Open the plugin file with your favorite editor.

  4. Replace xxxxxx with the name of the plugin (camelCase notation, pluginName). Take special care to directive name, that must be camelCase to (ganttPluginName). There are 5 matches.

  5. Register plugin in Gruntfile.js by adding its dash-delimited name to plugins variable.

  6. Add options as binded attributes in the directive scope.

  7. Implement plugin feature using a Template Hook.

  8. You can add additional files in a subfolder named as your filename (without .js). This folder can contains templates (*.html), CSS (*.css) and other JavaScript (*.js). Those files will be included in the build.